Did you know that job recruiters spend about six seconds scanning your resume? Yes, it’s that quick, so catching their eye with your personal information, like your name and your key skills  is vital. Formatting can make all the difference. Depending on your career progression you can alter the layout to suit. If you’ve had a break from your… Read More

You might struggle to work out what questions to ask in an interview. You know that you should ask questions, but what should they be? There might be basic facts that are really important to you like, ‘When does the role start?’ or ‘What are the hours?’ but it’s a good idea to also ask an… Read More

Interview Preparation Once you’ve been offered an interview, interview preparation is vital. Your CV, cover letter and application (i.e. responding to Key Selection Criteria) are critical to gaining an interview. Once you’ve landed an interview, you can be fairly confident that you’ll be able to get a job in the field you’re applying for. The… Read More