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Career Services

  • Professional Resume Writing Services
  • Cover Letter preparation
  • Key Selection Criteria response
  • Interview Preparation and Interview Coaching


Employers spend seconds assessing a job application, so it is vital that yours stands out

We can articulate exactly what makes you the ideal candidate.

Interview panels expect you to promote yourself, so it is vital you highlight your skills

We can coach you to perform at your best in the interview.



It is challenging to develop a resume that showcases your career profile, skills, experience, achievements, and education. Doing this with an attractive design in less than two pages is no mean feat. We provide professional resume writing services that will ensure your resume gets noticed.


Cover Letters

Cover letters need to explain why you are applying for this job, with this employer. They have to be tailored to the industry and position.  Using a business letter format is important. We can show you the best way to set out a cover letter. We can also make sure that your cover letter stands out.


Key Selection Criteria or Selection Criteria

Responding to Selection Criteria is imperative. Each criteria needs to be listed and answered separately. The best way to respond is using a Context, Action, Result model. This will help you to demonstrate that you have the skills and experience needed. We can help you find the best examples to meet the criteria.


Interview Preparation and Interview Coaching

Preparing for an interview takes time. Key steps include: researching the organisation and the position. You also need to work out answers to possible questions. Interview panels use selection criteria to develop interview questions. Preparing for questions, using a Context, Action, Result structure, will keep your answers focussed. We can assist you to prepare for your next interview.


Tip: If the job ad states that the candidate needs to address the Key Selection Criteria, writing your response is critical to being shortlisted for an interview.

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